Fizuli (Fuzuli, Fizuly)
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Fizuli / Fuzuli - Azerbaijan - location mapSmall town, capital of the rayon of the same name, separated from the Iranian province of Ardebil by the river Araz. The town of Fizuli was lost to Armenian forces on August 23, 1993 and has been under Armenian control ever since.

The whole Fizuli rayon saw fierce combats with some areas changing hands several times. The current cease-fire line leaves the western part the Fizuli rayon under Armenian occupation with the eastern areas, including Horadiz, still under Azeri control (about 80% of the rayon's territory).

Refugees in AzerbaijanThe entire Azeri population of Fizuli had to move eastwards, and today is spread all over Azerbaijan, many still live in refugee camps.

Fizuli borders the Nagorno Karabakh territory but is not claimed by the Armenians, as such it is currently occupied only as part of their military  'buffer zone' and as a bargain chip for a future negotiated settlement. As such, Fizuli has been left derelict and abandoned. The town has been cannibalized for all kinds of materials by both Armenians and Iranians. Before the war it was a major grape growing area.

Cease fire line in the Fizuli rayon - right Azeri control / left Armenian controlThe ruins of the old caravanserai are worth a visit. Outside town you may visit the Azykh cave - its walls show the signs of the pre-historical inhabitants of the area.

(325 km south-west of Baku)
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