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flowers in BakuIn Azerbaijan flowers are offered a lot more frequently than in the west, in social personal and business occasions (Gentlemen should not forget the "International Women's Day" - March 8th).

As in most of the former Soviet Union you should choose bouquets with an odd number of flowers, as even numbers are used only in funerals and cemeteries. Flowers are sold in flower shops as well as in street stands. Both local and imported flowers are widely available, although exotic species may be harder to get. Below you'll find a list of flower shops.
Flower shop
10 Khagani
Tel: 986 984

Flower shop nr. 2
20, 28 May
Tel: 939 540

Flower shop nr. 3
13, Sh. Gurbanov
Tel: 952073

Flower shop nr. 4
9 H. Hajiyev
Tel: 923 210

Flower shop nr. 7
59 Fizuli square
Tel: 958 897

Flower shop nr. 16
Azizbayov av.
Tel: 397 207

Flower shop nr. 18
21 Ahmmadli Settlement
Tel: 747828

Flower shop nr. 20
97 Neftchilar av.
Tel: 924 304

Flower shop nr. 28
1st Micro District
Tel: 312 226

Flower shop nr. 52
52 Nizami
Tel: 985 975

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