Image Bank - Stock Photography: FAQs
All photos shown in are copyrighted and may not be used without prior permission. The images are available for licensing, both for internet/multimedia and conventional print use.

To help you use our image service please find below answers to the most frequently asked questions:


fax: US +1 610 423 0745
fax: UK +44(0)7005964482
fax: France +33 821 463 939
Ordered 5 minutes ago and the image is still not here, how long do you take to deliver?
We do not offer real-time order processing, all photos are delivered by humans. Image orders will be delivered as quickly as possible, usually in the same business day - in any event no later than within 48 hours of processing a valid payment.

Do you supply high resolution images?
- Yes, we supply high resolution images on request - please contact us for prices informing on use and size required.

Do you sell prints (hard copies)?
- No, we only supply image files and grant the rights to use / publish them.

What are the specifications for the low resolution images that you'll send?
- Most low-res images have at least 700 pixels on the longest side (size larger or equal to shown on the site).
Files are in jpeg format, true colour (16 million colours - 24 bit), with 5% compression or less.

When can we contact you?
We are open Monday - Friday during the following hours: 10:30am - 6:30pm, Western European Time (Lisbon / London). Emails sent outside of these times will be returned the next business day.

Can a color image be delivered in Black and White?
- Yes, at no extra cost.

May I re-sell the images?
- No, you may not re-sell the rights to these images. The prices are for non-exclusive licensing. Contact us for exclusive rights.

Will I be the owner of the image's copyright?
- No, unless you purchase exclusive rights the copyright of the photographs remains with the authors.

Will there be any taxes?
- Payments are exempt from VAT or any other taxes.

Do you do special prices for large orders?
- Special discounts may be arranged for large orders.

Do you do special prices for academic use? (scientific papers, conferences, class-room use...)
- Special discounts may be arranged for academic use.

Do you have more images?
- Yes, many other images are available from our travel photography archives - consult us.

I need a pro-forma invoice, is it possible?
- Yes, we can send you a pro-forma invoice, just e-mail us the relevent details about your company and the order.

I need an invoice prior to payment processing, can you send it?
- Yes, we can send you the invoice, just e-mail us the relevent details about your company and the order.

Where are you based?
- We are an EU based service, our address: Travel-Images, 165 Guerreiro Dias street, Moita, P-2860-508, Portugal

What is your phone number?
- you can contact us on (+1) 720 470 5184.

How can I pay?
- Paypal / Credit card, Cheque, Bank transfer, Moneybookers or Western Union - please see our payments page for details.

Shall I e-mail my credit card details?
- credit card processing is made online via Paypal, sending credit card numbers via e-mail is not secure!

Are these images royalty free?
- No, none of our images is royalty free. In some cases we may accept to sell exclusive rights.

What shall I write in the credits line?
- please use the following format: "Photoghapher Name /", using only the initial for the fist name - e.g. "S.Schmidt /".

All unlicensed use of these images is subject to prosecution according to European and international copyright legislation. We are committed to protection of personal data, please read our privacy policy.

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