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flag of Guadeloupe overseas department of France / França / Francia / Frankreich) images of
(France - Overseas Department / DOM)
St Martin, St Barts
Guadeloupe / Guadalupe / Guadelupe: Chocolate Kitchen (photographer: R.Ziff) Guadeloupe: chocolate kitchen Guadeloupe / Guadalupe / Guadelupe: Cocoa Bean growing on tree / cacao / cacau / kakau (photographer: R.Ziff) Guadeloupe: cocoa fruit growing on tree
Guadeloupe / Guadalupe / Guadelupe: sugar cane growing / canne a sucre / cana de açucar (photographer: R.Ziff) Guadeloupe: sugar cane growing Guadeloupe / Guadalupe / Guadelupe: carambola / starfruit tree(photographer: R.Ziff) Guadeloupe: carambola / starfruit tree
Guadeloupe / Guadalupe / Guadelupe: Koté Sud: Dorade - Mahi Mahi Creole Style (photographer: R.Ziff) Guadeloupe - Koté Sud: Dorade - Mahi Mahi Creole style Guadeloupe / Guadalupe / Guadelupe - Pointe a Pitre / Pointe-a-Pitre / PTP (PAP): corner (photographer: R.Ziff) Guadeloupe - Pointe a Pitre: street corner
Guadeloupe / Guadalupe / Guadelupe: Guadeloupe - St Anne: clothes at the market (photographer: R.Ziff) Guadeloupe - Sainte Anne: clothes at the market Guadeloupe / Guadalupe / Guadelupe: Creole house (photographer: R.Ziff) Guadeloupe: Creole house
Guadeloupe / Guadalupe / Guadelupe: Pineapple Shrimp Remoulade - fruit salad in an avocado (photographer: R.Ziff) Guadeloupe: pineapple shrimp Remoulade - fruit salad in an avocado Guadeloupe / Guadalupe / Guadelupe - Sainte-anne - Durivage: La Toubana Restaurant from the beach (photographer: R.Ziff) Guadeloupe - Durivage: La Toubana Restaurant from the beach
Guadeloupe: coconut trees (photographer: Simon Young) Guadeloupe: coconut trees Guadeloupe / Guadalupe / Guadelupe: Creole Market - colourful doll (photographer: R.Ziff) Guadeloupe: Creole Market - colourful doll
credits: photos © by R.Ziff and S.Young /
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Guadeloupe - islands in the  Lesser Antilles, forming an overseas department of France. Capital: Basse-Terre
see also: Cuba, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Aruba, St Martin, St Vincent, Bahamas, Dominica, DR, France, Americas, Caribbean
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