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Motion sickness


Drowsiness. Cold sweats. Nausea and vomiting. Pallor and fainting.
Motion sickness affects many people, particularly children. Women are more commonly affected than men.


  • Lying horizontally.
  • Keeping the head fixed with the eyes on the horizon.
  • Avoid reading while travelling.
  • Try distraction (e.g. games, toys, music).
  • Avoid a stuffy or smoky atmosphere and the smell of food.

An anti-emetic may help. Some anti-emetics are available "over the counter". A doctors advice should be sought if the problem is severe.

Drug name Adult dose Duration of action
Cyclizine (Valoid) 50mg 4 to 6 hrs.
Hyoscine tablets (Scopolamine) 0.3 - 0.6mg 4 to 6 hrs.
Promethazine (Avomine) 25mg 24 to 30 hrs.
Meclizine (Sealegs)  25mg 6 to 12 hrs.
Cinnarizine (Stugeron)  30mg 6 to 8 hrs.
Hyoscine patches may be useful for long journeys (e.g. at sea) in those over 10 years of age. they are normally applied to the skin every 3 days.

source: Scottish NHS

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Motion Sickness - Health Advice