Image Bank - Stock Photography: Buy Images exists to answer to your image needs. If the photos that you require are not on-line please contact us and we will be glad to look in our archives.

All photos in,, and are copyrighted and may not be used without prior permission. The images are available for licensing, both for internet/multimedia and conventional print use. Clients from all over the world are using our photos. You can also order the entire content of the site in a Disk (un-marked images). Should you wish to use any of the images we will e-mail you an un-marked version once payment is received. Prices are quoted in Euros but you may pay in Euros, Dollars or any other convertible currency. Please choose from the options below:



image hot line:
(+351) 967 893 958
Services & Prices:

- Rights for internet/multimedia use: 25 Euros per image
(not for re-sale / non-exclusive - the un-marked file will be e-mailed to you after payment)

- Rights for traditional publication: 49 Euros per image
(not for re-sale / non-exclusive - the un-marked file will be e-mailed to you after payment)

- Travel-Images Photo Disk 79 Euros
( 10.000 un-marked images - over  300 countries & territories - not for publication - these are NOT royalty free images)

- High-Resolution images:
Please contact us
( / (+351) 967 893 958)

- Other images from our archives:
Please contact us
( / (+351) 967 893 958)

- Printed copies:
In most cases printed images are available. The original may be a slide, a negative or a digital photo, therefore different technical solutions. Price will vary according to format and purpose.
Please contact us
( / (+351) 967 893 958)

- To order please e-mail:

Terms & conditions:
You are licensing the rights for one-time, world-wide, non-exclusive use of an image on a web page or one conventional publication. Copyright of the image remains with the author.

The right to use the image remains with the purchaser of the license and can not be transferred, sub-licensed or re-sold to another party. will not be liable to the purchaser of the license or any other party for any damages, loss or other costs that are incurred directly or indirectly from images supplied, or failure to supply any image.

Payment options:

Bank Transfers:
please transfer funds to the account with the following IBAN:
PT50 0035 2168 0001 5392 0308 5
Bank: CGD - Caixa Geral de Depositos 
Bank address: 23 Joao XXI Avenue, P-1000-300, Lisbon, Portugal
(IBAN: Identifier Bank Account / BIC: Bank Identifier Code)
Clientes de Portugal poderão usar: NIB 00 3521 6800 0153 9203 085

Credit Cards* and Paypal:
Rights of one or several images for internet/multimedia use 
(not for re-sale / non-exclusive - the un-marked file will be e-mailed to you after payment)
Click on "buy now"
Price: 25 Euros per image

Rights of one or several images for magazine, newspaper, book or other traditional publication use (not for re-sale / non-exclusive - the un-marked file will be e-mailed to you after payment)
Click on "buy now"
Price: 49 Euros per image

Travel-Images Disk - 10.000 images of over  300  countries and territories in one DVD
(not for publication)
Click on "buy now"
Price: 79 Euros (P&P are free)
*cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express

issued to L.M.Torres Curado,
to be sent to: 165 Guerreiro Dias street, Moita, P-2860-508, Portugal.
All convertible currencies accepted (eg.: Euros, US Dollars, Swiss Francs, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, etc).
Prices as above.
Would you like to place your
photos at
please contact us at:
Do you need photos not already at
please send picture requests to:

Should your require an invoice prior to payment processing, please e-mail or fax us the relevant details.


What are the specifications for the low resolution images?
- Most images have at least 700 pixels on the longest side (same size as shown on the site).
Files are in jpeg format, true colour (16 million colours - 24 bit), with 10% compression or less.

Do you supply high resolution images?
- Yes, we supply high resolution images on request - please contact us for prices informing on use and size required (time for re-scanning is needed).

May I re-sell the images?
- No, you may not re-sell the rights to these images. The prices are for non-exclusive licensing. Contact us for exclusive rights.

Will I be the owner of the image's copyright?
- No, unless you purchase exclusive rights the copyright of the photographs remains with the authors.

Will there be any taxes?
- Payments are exempt from VAT or any other taxes.

Do you do special prices for large orders?
- Special discounts may be arranged for large orders.

Do you have a subscription option?
- Magazines, Newspapers and other large users may have access to sections of our stock photography archive of the site for an agreed annual fee.

Do you have more images?
- Yes, many other images are available from our travel photography archives - consult us.

Please send any enquiries to
- e-mail:
- Fax: (+1) 443 581 04 82
- Tel: (+351) 967 893 958 (SMS compatible - time zone: we are on GMT - you may call us in English, French, Italian or Spanish)
- Post: Travel-Images, 165 Guerreiro Dias street, Moita, P-2860-508, Portugal

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All unlicensed use of these images is subject to prosecution according to European and international copyright legislation. We are committed to protection of personal data, please read our privacy policy.
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