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Germany - Bavaria - Munich / München: Luitpold Brücke (Isar) - Pfalz (photo by M.Torres) Munich: the Palatinate nymph at the Luitpold bridge Germany - Bavaria - Munich / München: the English Gardens / Englischer Garten - Monopteros (photo by M.Torres) Munich: the English Gardens - Monopteros temple
Germany - Bavaria - Munich / München: a giant among us (photo by M.Torres) Munich: a giant among us Germany - Bavaria - Munich / München: posing at the Hofbräuhaus (photo by M.Torres) Munich: posing at the Hofbrauhaus
Germany - Bavaria - Germany - Bavaria - Munich / Munique: king Ludwig I of Bavaria and a  2 CV / Ludwig I Koenig von Bayern (photo by C.Blam) Munich: king Ludwig I of Bavaria and a red 2CV Germany - Bavaria - Munich: gothic - St. Paul's Church (photo by C.Blam) Munich: gothic - St. Paul's Church
Germany - Bavaria - Munich: Old Pinakothek  / Alte Pinakothek (photo by C.Blam) Munich: Old Pinakothek Germany - Bavaria - (photo by C.Blam) Munich: Jesus and the 12 apostles
Germany - Bavaria - Munich: through the arches - Feldherrnhalle (photo by C.Blam) Munich: through the arches - Feldherrnhalle Germany - Bavaria - Munich: an accordion player that escaped Walhalla (photo by C.Blam) Munich: an accordion player that escaped Walhalla
Germany - Bavaria - Munich: Engels monument (photo by M.Torres) Munich: Engels monument Germany - Bavaria - Munich: arch on Odeonsplatz by the Residenz (photo by C.Blam) Munich: arch on Odeonsplatz
Germany - Bavaria - Munich: pastel - Theatiner church / Theatinerkirche (photo by C.Blam) Munich: Italian baroque - Theatiner church Germany - Bavaria - Munich: passage (photo by C.Blam) Munich: passage
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