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file: cuba70 - Cuba - Holguín - wall and four doors - photo by G.Friedman

cuba70: Cuba - Holguín - wall and four doors - photo by G.Friedman - (c) - Stock Photography agency - Image Bank
cuba70: Cuba - Holguín - wall and four doors - photo by G.Friedman
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Italy - Venice / Venezia (Venetia / Veneto) / VCE : Venice: Biblioteca Marciana / Palazzo dela Zecca and Palazzo Ducal - Venice and its Lagoon - Unesco world heritage site (photo by J.Kaman)
China - Sichuan Province: Giant panda / Ailuropoda melanoleuca - Wolong Scientific Center for Panda Research and Preservation, in the mountains near Chengdu (photo by  G.Frysinger)
Washington D.C.: Lincoln memorial (photo by G.Friedman)
Madagascar - Lokobe Reserve: acutely endangered Black and White Ruffed Lemur (photo by Rod Eime)
Jerusalem: Dome of the Rock - roof (photo by J.Kaman)
Australia - Sydney (NSW): Harbour Bridge - at night (photo by  Picture Tasmania/Steve Lovegrove)
Crozet islands - Possession island: close-up of two king penguins (photo by Francis Lynch)
Arctic - Svalbard - Spitsbergen island - Hiorthhamn: arctic sunset (photo by A.Ferrari)

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