The Travel-Images Photo Disk

Travel-Images Photo Disk - 10.000 images of over 300 countries and territories

Take home all the content of (un-marked images). Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australasia and Antarctica in images for you to enjoy. One disk (DVD) places the world at your fingertips. See our special package for publishers. We ship worldwide at no extra cost (prices include packaging, delivery and all taxes). Prices are quoted in Euros but you may pay in Euros, Dollars or any other convertible currency. Please choose from the options below:
Travel-Images Photo Disk - Agra (Uttar Pradesh) / AGR : Shadows and light at the Taj Mahal
Travel-Images Photo Disk - Badaling: the great wall
Travel-Images Photo Disk - Pyongyang / FNJ: Monument to Party Foundation
Travel-Images Photo Disk:
10.000 images - over 300 countries and territories 
(not for publication)
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Price: 79 Euros (world-wide P&P are included)
Travel-Images Photo Disk for Publishers:
Travel-Images DVD +  rights to use 4 images for traditional publication or 10 for internet publication
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Travel-Images Photo Disk - Venice / Venezia (Venetia / Veneto) / VCE : Piazza San Marco - the Venetian winged lion and the campanile
Travel-Images Photo Disk - Paris: the other arch  - Grande Arche de la Defense
Travel-Images Photo Disk - Athens: The Erechtheion
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Travel-Images Photo Disk - Jerusalem: Dome of the Rock shrine on Haram esh-Sharif
Travel-Images Photo Disk - Mexico City: at the Cathedral
Travel-Images Photo Disk - Maputo / Lourenšo Marques / MPM : vista nocturna

All photos in,, and the Photo Disk are copyrighted and may not be used without prior permission. Please click here if you want to acquire the rights to use the images. Clients from all over the world are using our photos.

Should your require an invoice prior to payment processing, please e-mail or fax us the relevant details.

- Most images have 700 pixels in the largest dimension. Files are in jpeg format, true colour (16 million colours - 24bit), with 10% compression.
- Higher resolution images may be requested - cost: consult us (time for re-scanning is needed).
- You may not re-sell these images.
- Payments are exempt from VAT.
- Special discounts may be arranged for large orders.
- Magazines, Newspapers and other large users may have access to most of the images for an annual fee.
- Many other images are available from our archives.

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All unlicensed use of these images is subject to prosecution according to European and international copyright legislation. We are committed to protection of personal data, please read our privacy policy.
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Travel-images Photo Disk