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Do you find it expensive to Fax abroad?

Well, so do we! Now you can use our fax service to send  faxes abroad for free!
Yes, for  Zero Euros your faxes can reach a number of countries.
Just use the form below. Click here to check if the country you want is included.

Coverpage and destination:

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The fax number is the international code plus the area code less first "0" plus the fax number.

eg. To send fax to Kharkov in the Ukraine  380 (Ukranian international code) 573 (the area code for Kharkov) xxxxx (fax number) = 380573xxxxx

(if the area code has a "0" remove it)

To fax Washington, USA enter 1 (USA international code) 202 (area code) plus fax number

If you receive an error message it means that either the number was incorrectly entered or that it is not included in our coverage.