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Sicily / Sicilia - Viale XX Settembre (images by *ve) Catania: Viale XX Settembre Sicily / Sicilia - Catania: detail of a church on Via Crociferi / Particolare di una chiesa di Via Crociferi (images by *ve) Catania: detail of a church on Via Crociferi
Sicily / Sicilia - Piazza Duomo (images by *ve) Catania: Piazza Duomo Sicily / Sicilia - Chilies (images by *ve) Catania: Chilies
Sicily / Sicilia - Piazza Duomo II (images by *ve) Catania: Piazza Duomo II Sicily / Sicilia - Catania: Sicilian Art - Music's weight (images by *ve) Catania: Sicilian Art
Sicily / Sicilia - Piazza Duomo III (images by *ve) Catania: Piazza Duomo III Sicily / Sicilia - Piazza Duomo IV (images by *ve) Catania: Piazza Duomo IV
Sicily / Sicilia - Catania: A fera  - central market (images by *ve) Catania: A fera  - central market Sicily / Sicilia - Catania: Piazza Castello Ursino (images by *ve) Catania: Piazza Castello Ursino
Sicily / Sicilia - Catania: boats at Ognina harbour (images by *ve) Catania: boats at Ognina harbour Sicily / Sicilia - Catania: Ognina harbour (images by *ve) Catania: Ognina harbour
Sicily / Sicilia - Etna (images by *ve) Etna and Pedara Sicily / Sicilia - Etna: slopes (images by *ve) Etna: slopes
Sicily / Sicilia - Antiques and Christmas decoration (images by *ve) Sicily: Antiques and Christmas decoration Sicily / Sicilia - antique (images by *ve) Sicily: Antique
Sicily / Sicilia - Taormina: narrow alley (images by *ve) Taormina: narrow alley Sicily / Sicilia - Sicilian puppets (images by *ve) Sicilian puppets
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Country in southern Europe. Italy forms a peninsula extending south from the Alps into the Mediterranean Sea. islands:,Sicily and Sardinia. Capital: Roma
see also: Sicily, Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Malta, Vatican, San Marino, islands, Europe
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