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Aqsu / Agsu / Aghsu / Aksu - Azerbaijan - location mapOn the road leading north-east from Kurdamir to the Shemakha road lies the quiet provincial town of Aqsu. Among the main sights, there is the usual History Museum, a recently built Mosque, a memorial to the 20th January massacre and unusually a nice tax office building!

The bus station is on the southern end of the town, not far from the mosque. In the centre you'll find Aqsu Hotel, whith basic but clean facilities.

Aqsu / Agsu, Azerbaijan: winter scene - snow at Chanlibel restaurant - photo by N.MahmudovaAqsu is an agricultural area, with a preserves factory, a grapes' processing plant and to remind you of the great silk road, a cocoon drying plant.

Maybe more interesting thant the town is the surrounding landscape. North of the town you should enjoy the magnificent views of the Aqsu pass.

Road Map of AzerbaijanTo the east of Aqsu you'll find the ruins of the 18th century 'new-Shemakha' (near the village of Bazavand). South-west of Aqsu is Qaraqoyonlu where you can visit the 19th century Ag Gumbaz tomb.

(150 km west of Baku)
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