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Kurdamir / Kyurdamir - Azerbaijan - location mapLocated on the M4 road to Ganca and served by railways, Kurdamir has a long and bloody history of invasions and battles, going back to the Romans and the ancient Albanians. It still keeps to military tradition with an air base near the town

The present day town present the visitor with the planned layout of so many other Soviet type places. The buildings around the train station look well cared but the architecture is not exceptional. Have a look at the bazaar and take a rest at the culture park. There is a Regional Historical Museum on Garadag Street.

The town is very hot during the summer and the marshy areas provide plenty of mosquitoes whith a reputation for ferocity, generous doses of insect repellent are recommended. Cases of Malaria risk, exclusively in the benign vivax form, are very rare.

Around the town there are several agricultural areas, with vast vineyards and Kurdamir has a grapes processing factory and a silkworm cocoon drying factory.

The Azeri strongman, Ilham Aliyev, and his government have been toying with the idea of changing the capital from Baku, imitating the fellow Turkic Astana and Ankara moves and Kurdamir has been rumoured to be the front runner for the title of new capital. The minister of defence stated that this will strengthen the defense of the republic, increase the mobility of the armed forces, and ensure effective control over the ethnically and "religiously unreliable south and north of the country".

(160 km west of Baku)
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