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Barda - Azerbaijan - location mapLocated south of Yevlax, Barda today is a small provincial town on the Terter river. Javanshir - the legendary 7th century king of Caucasian Albania, lived in Barda, struggling against Sassanid, Byzantine, Khazar and Arabian armies for the survival of his nation.

For a long period Barda was the seat of both the Albanian kings and the Albanian Christian Chruch as well as an important trading and cultural centre, but it declined after the Arab invasions. Barda is famous for having briefly being invaded by Vikings during the 10th century!

Although still the capital of a 'rayon', centuries of earthquakes and invasions haven't left much of its former glory standing, with the exception of the 14th century tomb of Akhmed Zocheybana, built by architect Ahmad ibn Ayyub Nakhchivani. The mausoleum is a cylindrical brick tower, decorated with turquoise tiles. See also the later Imamzadeh Mosque, with its four minarets. There is a Regional Historical Museum at Nizami Str., 110, in the Palace of Culture. There is a train station.

Road Map of AzerbaijanAgriculture is the main activity in the area. Local economy is based on the production and processing of cotton, silk, poultry and dairy products. The cease fire line is just a few kilometres west of Barda, near Terter. There are many refugees in the area, as well as relief agencies. As you move closer to the cease fire line expect to be stopped by the police or army.

(260 km west of Baku)
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