Dashkasan (Dashkyasan / Dashkesan)
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Dashkasan / Dashkesan / Daskasan - Azerbaijan - location mapDashkasan is the main city of a small 'rayon' bordering Ganca. Although with a magnificent mountain top location Dashkasan, meaning 'cuts stone' is a drab place, with its life centred around mining (mainly the extraction of copper and iron ore) and a big marble quarry. To make sure that you know where you are, at the entrance to Dashkasan you are greeted by a huge statue of a miner (about 9m tall).

Minibuses connect Dashkasan with Ganja. The railway is mainly for ore transportation and does not reach Dashkasan proper, ending at the village of Qushchu where you can also take the train to Ganca. Between Qushchu and Dashkasan there is a rather charming covered bridge.

(320 km west of Baku)
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