Xanlar (Khanlar, Helenendorf)
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Xanlar (Khanlar, Helenendorf) - Azerbaijan - location mapXanlar, then called Helenendorf, was founded by German settlers brought in by Tsar Alexander in the 19th century. The Germans were deported to central Asia by Stalin, but the place still reflects some of their presence, in the tree lined streets, the wooden houses and the church (now converted to a school).

There is the usual history museum (H. Aliyev Str.), a music school and a cinema as well. You can also visit a bridge that predates Xanlar by seven centuries.

Azerbaijan: 'Tears of Kapaz' lakesLocated south of Ganca, in an agricultural area, around Xanlar there are forests, orchards, mountains and the seven scenic 'Tears of Kapaz' lakes. Since the cease fire line is rather close, access to some areas may be limited by the military.

There is a nice tea place, and you can stay at the hotel Koroglu, located in front of the post office. The hotel, built mostly in wood, is more charming than comfortable.

(300 km west of Baku)
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