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Khachmas (Xaçmas, Xacmaz, Hachmas) - Azerbaijan - location mapKhachmas is a small town located on the main railway line going into Daguestan, south of Khudat, It is located about 10km from the Caspian Sea. It is the centre of a vegetable growing district and the place of a large cannery, a grape processing factory and assorted light industries.

The local agricultural companies export to the neighbouring CIS countries but activity has never returned to Soviet period levels.

Khachmas is the capital of most north-eastern rayon (district) of Azerbaijan, occupies a part of Samur-Devechi lowlands, stretching along the Caspian coast till the border with Dagestan (Russian Federation). There are three artificial lakes and plentiful of springs, including thermal and mineral.

The Regional Historical Museum is located on N. Narimanov Street. The Carpet Museum has a superb collection, don't miss it - located in the Park of Culture and Leisure. Heydar Aliyev’s Museum sky museum is one of the most interesting places of Khachmaz for its numerous statues of the most famous in the world prominent figures of Azerbaijan people. It is also a nice park with accompanying water fountains and lights where the people congregate (avoid it if you have reached Aliyev persunality cult saturation point).

Outside the town: worth a visit is the 15-th century Sheik Yussif mausloeum in the nearby village of Shiklar. It is small prism-shaped brick construction with deep portals. Garaqurtlu boasts a mosque-madrasa built by Shah Abbas. At the top of the Galadag mountain the fading ruins of Gaurgala fortress can be found. If you like castles don't forget also the ancient city-fortress of Khudat.

The area near the Gudial river is quite nice. There is an easy road connection to Quba.

Azerbaijan - Nabran (Khachmas rayon - NE Azerbaijan): beach at Malibu pool complex (photo by F.MacLachlan)North of Khachmas you''' find the Nabran beaches, an important health and holiday resort. The fine natural and climatic conditions of the area - golden beaches, woods along the seashore, the backdrop of snow capped mountains with rivers and waterfalls - make it an interesting holiday area.

Busses and marshrutkas depart to Khachmas from Shamakhinka bus station (Baku), every hour starting at 8 in the morning. The bus trip from Baku to Khachmaz will take 3 hours via bus and costs 3 manats.

There is an electric train service that runs between Baku and Khachmaz. Tickets costs 0.60 qepik. The train leaves Baku at 08.00 AM. The night train Baku-Yalama costs 0.60 qepik and leaves Baku at 20.00 PM.

Lodging is available at "Khachmaz" hotel.

(150 km north of Baku)
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