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Qusar / Gusari / Gusar - Azerbaijan - location mapLocated under the backdrop of sacred mount Shahdag (4243m), on the right bank of the river Qusar, the north-eastern town of the same name is the next best thing to a capital for the Lezgin minority, which extends north into Russia.

The town develops in a east-west direction, along the river. If you arrive by bus you'll disembark at the bus station in the eastern extreme of town, near the always busy bazaar and the bridge leading to Quba.

Mount Shahdag / Mt Shahdaq: summit of a sacred mountain (photo by Asya Umidova)On the way to the centre you'll come accross the cinema. The main square gathers around it the Lezgin National Theatre, the hotel, the post office and is not far from the stadium and the Lezgin National Museum. In the western side of the town is located the recently built mosque, the wedding house and an odd monument with an airplane.

Outside Qusar, in the village of Khazra, you'll find Sheik Juneyd's mausoleum. This is a small 16th century Safavid mosque, with a burial vault and 4 rooms around it, all covered with a dome. Sheik Juneyed was a 15th century warlord killed in 1456 in a battle near Khazra.

Long Forest Chalet ResortNear the village of Laza you'll find the Gusarchai's waterfalls and the Suvar resort. This is the highest resort of Azerbaijan (1800 m) and has a most beautiful view on the Shahdag and Gizildagh mountains. Not far from Qusar, you can stay at the Long Forest resort. Built along the Guruchay River, with chalets scattered thoughout the forest, a sauna and steam-room complex, it is a perfect place to escape Baku.

(175 km northwest of Baku)
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