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Lerik - Azerbaijan - location mapLocated near the Iranian border, between tall mountains and the agricultural plain, Lerik is mainly famous for the longevity of some of its citizens.

It holds the world record of human longevity: a chap called Shirali Baba Muslimov, born in the village of Barzavu, who is claimed to have died at the respectable age of 168! Like Muslimov the population of the Lerik 'rayon' is mostly Talysh (Indo-Iranian group - population is spread across both sides of the border).

Azerbaijan - Lerik: view across the Talysh mountains (photo by A.Kilroy)The city itself seems not to be as healthy as its inhabitants, with a little help from some severe earthquakes, the most recent in 1998 left scars that are still visible.

You can visit the local history museum and have a look at the Karabakh war memorial, located between of the parade ground and the modest city hall. 

Anyway, better than any human creation is the superb landscape around the town, with the Talysh mountains in the horizon. Lerik is also a good starting point for hiking.

Azerbaijan - Lerik: morning light in the chaikana (photo by A.Kilroy)You can reach Lerik easily from Lenkoran using the A323 road. It is a very scenic rout ealong the Lankaran river and the Chirkan Nature Reserve. Buses run regularly to Lenkoran and Baku

There are a couple of places with very decent food, but there is a only a very basic hotel. As an alternative you may try to stay at the official guest house (which is not a lot better than the hotel!).

(220 km south of Baku)

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