Yardimli (Jardimli / Yardymly)
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Yardimli (Jardimli / Yardymly) - Azerbaijan - location mapYardimli stretches along a river valley at the foot of the Talish mountains, amid green hills, with old cobbled streets, nice cottages and a relaxed atmosphere.

There is a history museum, a small mosque and a war memorial. The army has a camp in the area, so beware of any encounters...

Azerbaijan - Yardimli: entering the town (photo by F.MacLachlan / Travel-Images.com)In the past Yardimli was an important wine producing area, but now the economic soul of the city is the foreign operated cigarette factory, tobacco being the main crop in the surrounding areas.

You can get buses to Baku and to the neighbouring towns. There is only a very basic hotel, in front of the city hall. Although the town is just 4 kilometres away the Iranian border there is no official crossing, the nearest being in Astara.

(220 km south of Baku)
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