Sharur (Sarur, Shahrur)
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Sharur - Azerbaijan - location mapLocated on the western part of the Nakhchivan autonomous republic, Sharur is a recent town, developed with the construction of the railway that used to go northwest into Armenia. The closure of this link was a severe blow to the local economy.

The town has a double-minaret recently built mosque and an oddly shaped museum. Also original is the martyrs' memorial, in a park near the stadium (there's another park, named after Aliyev).

There are several official buildings, a cinema on Shah Shamil street and two hotels: an old Soviet hotel in the centre and a newer hotel on the northern exit of town. Train services to Nakhchivan city operate regularly.

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic / Naxcivan Muxtar RespublikaJust across the railway, 2km south of Sharur is the town of Yengijar, an interesting old town with some ancient mosques, the abandoned old baths and a nice, if not busy, bazaar. Yengijar's former importance was lost to Sharur, conveniently built by the railway. Buses connect the two towns.

In a clear day you can see mount Ararat / Agri in the distance. Around Sharur and Yengijar lie vast extensions of fertile agricultural land.

(460 km southwest of Baku)
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