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Sadarak - Nakhchivan - Azerbaijan - location mapGeography provided Sadarak with a privileged yet troubled location, near the point where Armenia, Turkey and Nakhcivan meet and just a few kilometres from Iran.

The town grew in importance due to the railway going north to Armenia but this proximity to Armenia almost meant its death as it was totally evacuated in the heat of the 1992 fighting, but eventually re-occupied. The Armenians shelled the town and took the Azeri exclave of Karki, but the fear of Turkish intervention kept Armenian forces at bay.

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic / Naxcivan Muxtar RespublikaNothing of this should be big news for Sadarak, as the main attraction of the town is an ancient fortress from the territory of Uratu, certainly silent witness to many a invader.

These days Sadarak is a quiet town, being in a dead end, as the trains run only south and as besides the fortress the only interesting thing to see is the snow topped mount Ararat in the distance.

(470 km southwest of Baku)
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