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Xizi (Khizi / Chyzy) - Azerbaijan - location mapCapital of the rayon of the same name, this small town can be reached easily from Baku via Gilazi. The town is un-impressive however the surrounding area is sure to stay in your memory for its magnificent landscape and hiking opportunities.

The Xizi rayon includes part main watershed of the Caucasus, i.e. the boundary between Europe and Asia, therefore the area is in two continents! Besides mountains the rayon also has a large stretch of coast on the Capian sea

Xizi / Xisi / Kizi / Khyzy: the Candy Cane mountains - road from Gilazi (photo by F.MacLachlan - Travel-Images.com)The road from Gilazi to Xizi is flanked by the "Candy Cane" mountains, eroded shale formations with multiple colours provide stunning photo opportunities.

After Xizi, if you continue driving west towards Altiaghaj the road is no longer asphalted however the scenery will justify any erosion to your car's suspension. The densely forested slopes of the valley contrast with the naked mountains east of Xizi. If you have some energy to climb you will be rewarded with a small waterfall.

Azerbaijan - Altyaghach National Park, Xizi rayon: nature of Azerbaijan - south-eastern ridge of the Greater Caucasus mountains - photo by N.MahmudovaThis area has been protected by way of the Altyaghach National Park. Covering over 11.000 hectares of the south-eastern ridge of the Greater Caucasus the park hosts varied fauna: roe deer, bears, wild boars, lynx, foxes, etc. Over 90% of the park is covered by broad-leaved forest (iron trees, Caucasus hornbeam, Oriental beech, cud, birch-tree, etc). 

Azerbaijan - Altyaghach National Park, Xizi rayon: East Caucasian Tur - Capra cylindricornis - wild goat - Cennet Baghi resort - Altyaghaj - Altiagac - photo by N.MahmudovaThe Jannet Bagi /  Cennet Baghi (paradise garden) resort is well worth a visit, it is a good place to rest after visiting the park and there is a mini zoo in case you cannot see the animals in their natural environment.

Azerbaijan - Alti Agac / Altiaghaj  (Xizi rayon): Jannet bagi - paradise garden - photo by F.MacLachlan / Travel-Images.comAbout 10 km west of Altiaghaj is the Dubrar Dag mountain (Dag = mountain), rising to 2005 m. It's a naked mountain and a path starting at the mineral water installation allows you to climb most of the way. From Altiaghaj you can return to Baku via Tudar but the road is very poor, as 4wd is recommended.

(100 km north-west of Baku)

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