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Children with their own passports require visas just like adults.

Travel Insurance
Those travelling with children should ensure that they have adequate health and travel insurance which covers their dependent children if medical and/or dental assistance is required.

For any would be traveller to a new country, finding out as much as possible for example about local customs and legends, places of interest, foods available, dominant language etc. can enhance and benefit their trip. Choice of schooling is very important for intending expatriate families. For older children boarding school away from the overseas family home may have to be considered if there would be serious local language difficulties or compatibility of courses with the desired examinations for entry into higher education. Teenage children often find changing schools difficult and if this also involves changing countries serious adaptation problems should be expected. Many would advise against families going abroad as expatriates for the first time if they have teenage children.

The Journey
Keeping children occupied, comfortable and as safe as possible may make a journey less stressful. Many airlines allow infants and young children at approximately 10% of the adult fare. On long haul flights it would be beneficial to pay for a child seat (usually 50% - 70% of the adult fare).
Sky cots or bassinets, if required, must be arranged at the time of booking. Infant carriers/capsules for use in motor vehicles, can be used in flight, when a seat has been booked for the child. Standard airline seats are unsuitable for very young children as the child can slip underneath or out of them. Special children's restraining seat belts should be requested. It is important that the child is not placed inside a standard seat belt with an adult, children are best held securely in the arms of an adult where no other option is available.

source: Scottish NHS

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Children - Health Advice