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Confirm those recommended for use in your country of residence are up to date, especially those for children.

Courses or boosters usually advised: hepatitis A.
Vaccines sometimes recommended: tuberculosis; hepatitis B; diphtheria; typhoid; rabies; poliomyelitis.

No vaccine certificate required for entering Israel.

While visiting Israel you may receive free health care from the volunteers of Yad Sarah. Yad Sarah is an Israel-wide network of volunteers aiding sick, disabled, elderly, isolated and housebound people with an array of services. Yad Sarah helps everybody, without discrimination, without bureaucracy and without charge.

Tetanus is contracted through dirty cuts and scratches and poliomyelitis spread through contaminated food and water. They are serious infections of the nervous system.

Typhoid and hepatitis A are spread through contaminated food and water. Typhoid causes septicaemia and hepatitis A causes liver inflammation and jaundice. In risk areas you should be immunised if good hygiene is impossible.

Tuberculosis is most commonly transmitted via droplet infection. Those going to countries where it is common, especially those mixing closely with the local population and those at occupational risk, e.g. health care workers, should ensure that they have previously been immunised. Check with your doctor or nurse.

Diphtheria is also spread by droplet infection through close personal contact. Vaccination is advised if close contact with locals in risk areas is likely.

Hepatitis B is spread through infected blood, contaminated needles and sexual intercourse, It affects the liver, causes jaundice and occasionally liver failure. Those visiting high risk areas for long periods or at social or occupational risk should be immunised.

Rabies is spread through bites or licks on broken skin from an infected animal. It is always fatal. Vaccination is advised for those going to risk areas that will be remote from a reliable source of vaccine. Even when pre-exposure vaccines have been received urgent medical advice should be sought after any animal bite.

Malaria not normally present.

source: Scottish NHS

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Israel - Health Advice