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An avid traveller and lover of cultures and languages, Jannah has been working as a freelance photographer and artistic consultant for the past 11 years. Born in the US, she now lives with her husband, two children and Shar-Pei “Scooby” just outside of London, which has been her home base for 15 years. Her first photography course was at the age of 14 and from there she went on to complete a university degree in the arts, specialising in photography, where the black and white dark room became her place of peace and creation. She graduated top of her class and received multiple awards for her work and final portfolio.

She has since had her work featured in film promotional material, travel books and postcards, book covers, websites and newspapers worldwide. In 1998 she won prizes in a US photography contest; she was a finalist in the Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year competition in 2008 and last year was nominated for the Jameel Prize at the V&A in London, for her work inspired by Islamic art and culture. 

Although on the side she has done some wedding and portrait work for friends, her focus is on travel photography and art-related charitable projects. In 2006 she and a friend started Create: charity art events, aimed at bringing together artists of a variety of backgrounds and experience, to exhibit and sell work, all proceeds going to small charitable projects in the developing world. She has gone on photo assignments for charities in Uganda and Sierra Leone and has a heart for using her talents to help others. 

Jannah works on a freelance basis and is open to any assignments worldwide. Recent travels have included Syria and Sierra Leone, with near-future plans to explore some of the less-visited islands of the Lesser Antilles. She also has a collection of abstract photographs that resemble paintings, available for purchase. To contact Jannah, please email at: 
Banana Island, Sierra Leone: the guesthouse's 'shuttle' boat - photo by J.Britt-Green
Kent, Sierra Leone: seen from the Atlantic ocean - blue waters off Hope of Kent - blue skies - photo by J.Britt-Green
Dublin island, Banana Islands, Sierra Leone: Portuguese slave ship anchor - locals enslaved other Africans, selling them first to Arabs and then to Europeans who provided transportation on behalf of the final clients in the Americas - photo by J.Britt-Green
Banana Island, Sierra Leone: boat up close paint - wooden hull - photo by J.Britt-Green
Kent, Freetown Peninsula, Sierra Leone: boat taxi - client with luggage waits on the beach - photo by J.Britt-Green
Tokeh beach, Freetown Peninsula, Sierra Leone: palm trees, fishing boats with rain forest behind - photo by J.Britt-Green

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