Photographers Wanted  -  the Global Image Bank - stock photography - global image bankAre you a photographer? is an image bank service covering every corner of the world. The site encompasses over 300 countries and territories and new images are added every week. Works by about 250 photographers are included. Our clients include the world's most prestigious publishers. We run a hand made web site that has been in business since the 1990s.

Would you like to display your images in our site?

We offer three choices for photographers:

  • A - free inclusion for photographers submitting portfolios that include at least one of the locations in this list
  • B - free inclusion for photographers submitting portfolios that include 5 or more travel articles. 
  • C - one time set up fee of £ 180 for all the rest. This fee is refunded if after evaluation we do not accept your images. No further fees will be charged as your portfolio with us grows.
If you are in group C, before sending us samples please use this button to pay the set up fee - credit cards and Paypal accepted:
Please contact us at: 
- E-mail:
- Fax: 
    US +1 610 423 0745 
    UK +44 (0)700 5964 482
    France +33 821 463 939
- Tel: (+351) 967 893 958 
- postal address: 165 Prof. Guerreiro Dias street, Moita, P-2860-508, Portugal.
Please include samples of your work. When submitting material you declare that you are the owner of the copyright of the photos submitted.
- when e-mailing images please keep file attachments under 10 Mbytes or post a CD or DVD to the address above
(please use padded envelopes or other protective packaging)
- if your images are digital we'll consider them only if the original is at least 8 MPixel.

Selecting the images:
The kind of images we usually sell are a mix of city, people, landscape, fauna, flora, traditions, food,  kitsch, celebrations...
It's very hard to predict which images will sell, the typical client wants images similar to what you'll see in an illustrated travel guide but we get all kinds of out of the ordinary requests.

It is very hard to sell images of beaten track places (Paris, NY...), because the market is flooded with cheap or royalty free images, for such places only very high quality images will sell.

We offer you 50% of the amount of any sales made via Payments are sent to photographers by: bank transfer, Paypal, Check.

The images are only licensed, copyright remains with the authors. All images are rights managed, we do not sell royalty free images. Client requests for exclusive rights are handled only after consultation with the author.

You are free to place your images in other image banks. We recommend that you select such sites with great care, staying away from those selling images at $1 and from royalty free places. Selling RF images will result in loss of control of rights by the author.

The content of our image library serves both conventional and online publishers in many sectors. Since 1994 we have been catering to stock photography clients small and large, from generalist magazines and newspapers to TV stations, but covering also educational books, travel guides, travel catalogues, travel magazines, corporate reports, conference brochures, travel sites, internet portals... 

At present we are particularly interested in stock images from the following destinations:
American Samoa
Annobon / Ano Bom island - Eq. Guinea
Auckland islands
Baker island
Balleny islands
Bassas da India
Bougainville island
Bouvet island
Burkina Faso
Campbell island
Central African Republic
Chagos islands
Chatham island
Chuvashia (Russian Fed.)
Clipperton island
Dadra and Nagar Haveli (India)
Daman and Diu (India)
Equatorial Guinea
Europa island
Gaza strip (Palestine)
Glorioso islands
Howland island
Jan Mayen island
Jarvis island
Johnston atoll
Juan-de-Nova island
Kaliningrad (Russian Fed.)
Kermadec island
Kingman reef
Lakshadweep islands (India)
Macquarie island
Mindanao and the Sulu islands (Phi.)
Montserrat island
Nagorno Karabakh
New Siberian Islands (Russia)
Nicobar islands (India)
Novaya Zemlya (Russia)
Pamyra atoll
Paracel islands
Penedos de São Pedro e São Paulo
Peter I island
Pitcairn islands
Prince Edward island (South Africa)
Saint Eustatius
Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Scott island
South Ossetia
South Sandwich islands
Spratly islands
Tromelin island
Wake island
Wallis and Futuna
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Some of our 
  • Miguel Torres
  • Roderick Eime
  • Francisca Rigaud
  • Juraj Kaman
  • Pierre Jolivet
  • Chemsseddine Boutabba
  • Gary Friedman
  • Alexander Dnieprowsky
  • Eric Petitalot
  • Craig Ariav
  • Elior Ben-Haiem
  • Cornelia Schmidt
  • Nacho Cabana
  • Mona Sturges
  • Peter Mosselberger
  • John Wreford
  • Nicola Clark
  • Héctor Roldán
  • Bernard Cloutier
  • Galen Frysinger
  • Steve Lovegrove
  • Michel Bergsma
  • Dalkhat Ediev
  • Charlie Blam
  • Austin Kilroy
  • Michael Gunselman
  • Efi Keren
  • Kian Strobel
  • David Smith
  • Carlton McEachern
  • Lewi Moraes
  • Ian Middleton
  • David Jackson
  • Alejandro Slobodianik
  • Robert Ziff
  • Petri Alanko
  • Aurora Baptista
  • Elnur Hasan
  • H.Huseinzade
  • Malgorzata Marciniak
  • Stefan Lindgren
  • Anna Slaczka
  • Joe Filshie
  • Leif Karlsson
  • Alan Beaton
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