Jason Volker - Professional Profile
Jason Volker is a freelance travel photographer and writer based in Brisbane, Australia. He is a graduate of the Australian College of Journalism. 

His work has appeared in such publications as the New York Post, The Toronto Star, The Sydney Morning Herald, The South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), The Straits Times (Singapore) and The Jakarta Post. He is also a regular contributor to Muhibah, the in-flight magazine of Royal Brunei Airlines.

His travels have taken him to a Sultanís palace in Brunei, a Chinese Opera school in Taipei and an FA Cup Final at Wembley. He has enjoyed yum cha in Hong Kong, eaten haggis in Edinburgh and dined on cobra in Rangoon. He has also been attacked by Eeyore at Disneyland in LA, had a gecko drop on him while asleep in Tahiti and been bitten by a scorpion in Bangkok.

Jason has spent several years working and travelling in Thailand and speaks Thai fluently.

He may be contacted at the following email address:

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photographer Jason Volker in Bangkok, Tahiland
Jason and his wife's niece and nephew - Bangkok

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