Kian Strobel - Professional Profile
When i was 8 years old somebody from my family gave me a new 35 mm. Automatic Olimpus, since that happened i had always a camera with me.

I have been travelling around Spain since '97, especially Andalusia, where I grow up after living 8 years in the country where I was born: Switzerland. All this experiences in Andalusia contribute to form “Rural life in Andalusian Farms” (2001). At this time I was studying arts in Andalusia at the “Escuela de artes y oficios” in Xerez de la Frontera with specialization in Design.

After that, I realized my first trip around south East Asia especially Laos and Thailand for start photographing “people at work, people of the mountains and people and buhdism in south east Asia”.

After, I moved to Madrid where I finished my Visual arts degree. At this time I was contributing to a project called “Urbanscapes of  the city of Madrid” culminated with an exhibition. This also helped me to have an even more extense stock of architectural photography.

In the summers of 2002 and 2003 I spent several months travelling around Europe, specially France, Belgium and Amsterdam, photographing the Europeans Capitals as more “off the beaten track” towns and cities like Bruges or Marigny.

In the year 2004 I moved to London, where I’m actually living and working as a freelance Photographer and Digital Designer. In June of 2004 I made my second trip around south East Asia for finish the report  I have started two years ago.

Now I am planning my next report: and intensive trip down the Mekong River, from China to Vietnam with the intention of make an extensive report about the life of the people around the river.
Laos - Luang Prabang - Lao Family watching the annual boats racing in the Mekong River (photo by K.Strobel)
Thailand - Bangkok / Krung Thep / BKK: Royal Thai army - parade - Wat Prah Keo (photo by K.Strobel)
Spain - Villamartín -  Cadiz province - Rider performing a Spin Up, Horse training centre (photo by K.Strobel)

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photographer Kian Strobel - self portrait
photographer Kian Strobel - self-portrait

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