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Lewi Moraes - Professional Profile

Lewi Moraes, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a wide experienced Brazilian photographer. Since 1972 he has been shooting politicians, soccer ball players, queens and kings, F1 GPs, ordinary people, homeless people, scientists, landscapes, flowers and wildlife.

After having worked for a long period in brazilian newspapers, Lewi Moraes is nowadays a freelance photographer, specialized in Natural History, scientific pictures and Travel. 

His work is published in magazines, newspapers and web-sites in Brazil, USA and Europe and his files contain photographs from his land and all South American continent.  Having a vast 3rd World still life experience.

From 1990, has a master of natural history photography at the High School in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil.

He is available for assignment work and  projects in Central and South 
America continent.

Lewi’s web site is:

Brazil / Brasil - Rio de Janeiro: Corcovado - Jesus Christ the Redeemer and the moon - statue - nocturnal - Tijuca Forest national park/ estatua do Cristo Redentor e a lua - photo by Lewi Moraes
Peru - Cusco: walls of Sacsahuaman / Sacsayhuaman: perfect walls - Inca stonework - Cyclopean walls of Sacsahuaman - megalithic walls (photo by L.Moraes)
Brazil / Brasil - Salvador (Bahia): Elevador Lacerda, Brazil's first elevators, linking the Upper and Lower towns of Salvador - fountain - fonte - Praça Cayru, no Comércio  (photo by L.Moraes)
Brazil / Brasil - São Paulo - Paranapanema river - SP: sunset - border with Paraná - Rio Paranapanema - por do sol (photo by L.Moraes)
Brazil / Brasil - Paraná - Vila Velha: rock formation - sandstone rocks / rochas - Parque Estadual de Vila Velha (photo by L.Moraes)
Brazil / Brasil - Rio de Janeiro: Sugar Loaf / Pão de Açucar and Guanabara bay from Corcovado / pôr-do-sol sobre a baía da Guanabara - photo by Lewi Moraes
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Lewi Moraes - Photographer - Brazil - fotógrafo - Brasil
Lewi Moraes - Photographer

Images by Lewi Moraes

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