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Nicola Clark took her first photograph at the age of nine of a jockey mounting a horse; the shot was taken from behind.  This was the start of Nicola’s passion for photography and her individual angles.  Her interest developed from that day on and throughout her teens, when she acquired her first Polaroid camera.

The Polaroid camera gave her the opportunity to retake a photograph if she was not entirely happy with the result, very similar to today’s digital technology.  After a brief excursion into cinematography, she discovered that the still could say more than the film.  In her late teens and early twenties, she read all that there was to be read on the subject of photography and decided that formal training would take away her individuality.

Many people, having seen Nicola’s work, have commented on her individuality and originality.  Today Nicola supplies her unique images to a number of agencies worldwide, encompassing travel, transport and advertising. 
Dorchester (Dorset County): the Old Tea House  (photo by Nicola Clark)
Bradford-On-Avon (Wiltshire): Iford Manor Bridge (photo by Nicola Clark)
Dorchester (Dorset County): the Keep - Military museum (photo by Nicola Clark)

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Nicola Clark

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