Passenger Rights
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The Rights of Airline Passengers
 *Please note that this is a guide only and not a legal text. The legislative protection described in this leaflet applies throughout the European Union unless otherwise stated.

Information about flights and reservation
The travel agent must supply you with neutral and accurate information on the different options available for a journey e.g. non-stop flights, connecting flights and all the fares available from different airlines, as displayed.

The travel agent or the airline company must inform you of all the details available for a booked flight e.g. identity of air carrier, stops on route, transfers between airports and changes of aircraft during the journey.

In Ireland all advertisements for airfares must include comprehensive information about the full cost and availability of the fare on offer. This comes under the Consumer Information (Advertisements for Airfares) Order 2000.

When you have a valid ticket and arrive on time, if an airline prevents you from boarding because it has overbooked the flight, you must receive fair treatment and proper compensation*.

The following rules apply under Council Regulation EC295/91:

*You should not have to apply to the airline for the compensation and assistance mentioned above - the airline should offer it as a matter of course.

Compensation in case of an accident
If you are travelling with an EU airline you will receive full compensation in the case of an accident regardless of where it happens and also up-front payments if needed to help with immediate economic hardship. This rule comes under Council Regulation EC 2027/97.

Air Travel as part of a package holiday
If you are travelling as part of a package tour or holiday you must receive precise information from the organiser about your trip. If an organiser significantly alters a term of the contract you may be entitled to a remedy.

Please see the Package Travel Information Leaflet for more information on your Package Travel rights.

Lost Baggage
An airline is liable for loss or damage to baggage. Under the Warsaw Convention (1929) you are entitled to approximately £18 (€22.86) per kilo up to a maximum of 23 Kilos for checked baggage (economy class) whether baggage is lost, delayed or missing for more than twenty four hours. Some airlines do offer compensation over and above this legal requirement, but generally not much more.

If your baggage fails to arrive at its destination, the following guidelines will help you pursue your complaint more effectively:

Other rights
Under international agreements an airline is liable for damage caused by delay, except if it proves that it did all it reasonable could to avoid the damage or that it was impossible to do so.

It is recognised that your air passenger rights need to be updated and strengthened. To this effect the European Commission is currently discussing and preparing amendments to current legislation.

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Passenger Rights