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Reykjavik / REK / KEF: the pearl - Ískjulid hot water tanks and revolving restaurant in a blizzard (photo by M.Torres) Reykjavik: "the pearl" - Öskjulid hot water tanks and revolving restaurant Reykjavik: different meanings - swastika at the Eimskipafjelag Islands -  Icelandic Steamship Company, Eimskip (photo by M.Torres) Reykjavik: different meanings - swastika at the Eimskipafjelag Islands Steamship Company building
Reykjavik: reflections - trawler in the fishing harbour (Akranes) (photo by M.Torres) Reykjavik: reflections - Akranes harbour Reykjavik: stairway to heaven - HallgrÝmskirkja (photo by M.Torres) Reykjavik: stairway to heaven - Hallgrímskirkja
Reykjavik: nordic balconies - sea-horses (photo by M.Torres) Reykjavik: nordic balconies - sea-horses Reykjavik: HallgrÝmskirkja (photo by W.Schipper) Reykjavik: Hallgrímskirkja / Hallgrim church
Reykjavik: haunted house - the H÷fdi residence - former summit venue (photo by M.Torres) Reykjavik: haunted house - the Höfdi residence Reykjavik: Viking drakkar and trawler Drofn - Akranes harbour (photo by M.Torres) Reykjavik: drakkar
Reykjavik: Icelandic flag in the harbor (photo by M.Torres) Reykjavik: Icelandic flag - Drofn-Akranes harbour Reykjavik: old church (photo by M.Torres) Reykjavik: old church
Reykjavik: swan-land - Tj÷rnin lake (photo by M.Torres) Reykjavik: swan-land - Tjörnin lake Reykjavik: harpooning the sky - whalers monument on Saet˙n avenue (photo by M.Torres) Reykjavik: harpooning the sky - Saetún avenue
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Iceland. Island state in the northern Atlantic ocean, east of Greenland. Formerly controlled by Denmark. Capital Reykjavik
see also: cities, Iceland, Stockholm, Vilnius, Oslo, Denmark, Norway, Greenland, Faeroes, Svalbard, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Europe
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