Beylaqan (Beilagan, Baylagan)
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Beylaqan - Azerbaijan - location mapBeylaqan is a quiet town, situated a mere 20 kilometres from the Azeri-Armenian cease-fire line. The Beylaqan rayon is separated from the Iranian province of Ardebil by the Araz river.

Although during the fighting the front-line moved a lot, unlike the neighbouring rayon of Fizuli, no territory of the Beylaqan rayon is under Armenian occupation.

Gengis Khan / TemujinThe town of Beylaqan is the heir to the ancient city of Palakatan, who became the capital of Christian Albania in the 5th century, remaining an important fortified city until being devastated by the Mongols hordes of Genghis Khan in the 13th century.

Time and invaders have made sure that nothing of the former glory remains, but you can enjoy a break from the rough roads at the local chaykana.

The Ag-Gel National Park is partly in Beylaqan rayon, the rest being in Agjabadi rayon. The park was established for the preservation of waterfowl and wader birds. The area of 4400 hectares covers Lake Ag-Gel, in the Mill steppe of the Kura-Araks Lowlands

(280 km south-west of Baku)
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