Imisli (Imishli)
Imisli / Imishli - Azerbaijan - location mapImisli is the capital of a border rayon, divided in two by the Araz river and the railway line that used to reach Nakhchivan. Although the war never touched directly the rayon's territory it is still felt in daily life due to the huge tent camps hosting thousands of refugees.

Stalin promoted the irrigation of the land with a huge network of canals and the pleasant Bahramtepe reservoir. The rayon's economy still has an agricultural base, with cotton - Azerbaijan's white gold as one of the main crops.

The town developed between the Mil and Mugan plains, in a beautiful setting by the Araz river and surrounded by the Togai forest. Until the mid 20th century Imisli as just a small village, owing its growth to the railway line. The modern character of the town is well reflected in the careful planning of its street layout.

Imisli / Imishli - Genceler parkThe centre of the town offers room for a good stroll with well cared parks, a wide square and several fountains. The historical museum is the town's main attraction, both for its collection and for the architecture of the building itself. There is also a war museum and a large war memorial for the 'Great Patriotic War', i.e. world war II.

Near the town there are the remains of several middle age fortresses (e.g. Mukhurtepe, Karatepe, Kiziltepe, Bahramtepe) as well as excavations of earlier human settlements.

The chaikanas offer good service and there are a couple of good places to eat. Buses to the neighbouring areas and Baku are available. There is no border crossing to Iran.

(250 km south-west of Baku)
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