Theatres, Opera and Ballet in Baku
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Akademik Milli Teatri - Baku - Azerbaijan  (photo by Miguel Torres)Baku has a vibrant life regarding theatre, opera and ballet, drawing both from the rich local dramatic portfolio and from the international repertoire. Prices are very reasonable by European standards. Shows are plentiful for all ages and tastes, and companies from neighbouring countries are regular visitors.

Baku: Opera and Ballet Theatre (photo (c) Miguel Torres / in the theatres you'll find plays both in Azeri and Russian, even so a lot of older residents have a certain nostalgia for the pre-war times, when in this area the cosmopolitan character of city's population was translated in a rainbow of events. Baku: puppet theatre (photo by Miguel Torres)

Most occasions are informal, but there are some exceptions, so if you want to avoid feeling awkward don't forget to check the dress code in advance for each performance.

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Azerbaijan National Dramatic Theatre
Fizuli Sq. 
Tel: 948357 

Azerbaijan State Mugam Theatre
Minjiski 9 
Tel: 923549 

Azerbaijan State Song Theatre
R. Beibudov Av. 
Tel: 939460 

Azerbaijan State Theatre of Opera & Ballet
Tel: 937176 

Azerbaijan State Theatre YUKH
Mukhtarov 83 
Tel: 944847 

Azerbaijan State Youth Theatre
Khagani 10 
Tel: 932963

Green Theatre
S. Velikhanly 
Tel: 921846 

Puppet Theatre
Neftchilar Av. 36 
Tel: 926425 

Samed Vurgun Russian Drama Theatre
Merdanov Gardashlary 
Tel: 934048 

Sh. Gurbanov State Theatre of Musical Comedy
Azerbaijan Av. 
Tel: 935101 

Tengid & Teblig Theatre
Nobel Av. 
Tel: 660516 

Youth Theatre
Nizami 72 
Tel: 936578

Concerts, Music and Circus in Baku
Azerbaijan - Baku: Aliaga Vahid bust - Muslim Magomayev State Philarmony /  philharmonic - architect G.Termikelov -  Istiglaliyyat Street - photo by M.TorresBaku maintains a good tradition in all fields of music, specially classic, with a long traditon of composers and performers. Local people attend events regularly and have an innate taste for the great music. Notice the number of children! The venues some in grand style, are nevertheless in need of some investment. Circus is also appreciated by all ages.
Azerbaijan State Song Theatre
R. Beibudov Av. 
Tel: 939460 

Azerbaijan State Mugam Theatre
Minjiski 9 
Tel: 923549 

Azerbaijan State Children's Philhamony
G. Mejidov 16 
Tel: 948031 

Azerbaijan State Philhamony
Istiglaliyat 2 
Tel: 925153 

Baki State Circus
S. Vurgun 68 
Tel: 949023 

Concert Hall
28 May 17 
Tel: 937537 

Green Theatre
S. Velikhanly 
Tel: 924982 

Opera Studio
Sh. Badalbeily 98 
Tel: 934668 

Republic Palace
Bul-Bul 35 
Tel: 988484 


Cinemas in Baku
Azerbaijan - Baku: Nizami cinema - Bulbul avenue - architects S.Dadashev and M. Usseinov - photo by M.TorresWith a film producing tradition dating back to the 1920s, and famous within the CIS for the past glories of the films produced at "Azerbaijan Studios", Baku also has plenty of places on offer for the cinema buff, but technical quality as well as comfort still need a major effort. Plenty of western films as well productions from Turkey and Russia. Subtitles and/or dubbing into Azeri and Russian are the norm. Dubbing is done in the Russian fashion.. i.e. you can still hear parts of the original voices.

If you are a film aficionado interested in classic Azeri cinema there are a few directors whose work you must get to know: Letif Seferov, Hesen Seyidbeyli, Ejder Ibrahimov, Tofiq Tagizade, Rza Tehmasib, Hussein Seyidzade and Samil Mahmudbeyov.

Regrettably in recent years the Azeri film production has been a little scarce, however some interesting productions have emerged. Among them: "The Bat" (Yarasa/1995) a film by Ayaz Salayev which was awarded the Grand Prix at the International Film Festival in Angers and "Strange Times" (Ösge vacht/1997) by Husseyn Mechtiew, present at the Berlin film festival.
40 Plsjevari St., 370111 
Tel: 69-35-05 

3 Islam Safarli St., 370005 
Tel: 92-22-95 

8 Gulbala Aliyev St., 370005 
Tel: 92-75-59,92-44-11 

Address: 18 Sarayev St., 370149 
Tel: 93-79-84 

Jafar Jabbarly
8 Hussein Javid Av., 370075 
Tel: 38-95-31 

Nariman Narimanov
97a Tabriz St., 370052 
Tel: 64-99-23

20 Bulbul Av., 370000 
Tel: 93-14-81,93-08-87,98-85-39 

7 Azadlyg Av., 370007 
Tel: 96-36-83 

47 Azadlyg Av., 370007 
Tel: 96-49-87 

23 Inglab St., 370110 
Tel: 64-01-04 

77 Nizami St., 370000 
Tel: 93-83-02 

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