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Azerbaijan - Baku: carpets museumIn the years following independence, a lot of attention has been poured on the museums by the government, mainly as a way of weaving and reinforcing national identity. Museums serving the Soviet ideology are now themselves part of history. E.g. the Lenin museum now houses the magnificent collection of the Museum of Carpet-Making and Folk Crafts, previously located at the Djuma Mosque in the Old Town. Sign of the times!

Baku, Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan State Museum of Art named after R.Mustafaev - Istiglaliyat st. - photo by N.MahmudovaAzerbaijan also has a tradition of "house museums", the former houses of the famous and powerful now open to the occasional visitor and mainly of interest to the researcher with a specific interest. Some house museums host interesting event but most tend to be rather dull and repetitive, on the other hand most are free.
History Museum
4 Zeinalabdyn Taghiyev St., 370005 
Tel: 93-36-48, 93-74-48 
Bul-bul Memorial Museum (singer)
15 Bul-bul Av., 370000 
Tel: 93-56-97 
Historical & Architectural museum (Shirvan shahs' Palace)
65 Asaf Zeinally st.,370004 
Terl: 64-11-4492-22-25, 92-09-13 
Museum-Apartment of Niyazi (conductor)
21 Bul-bul Av., 370000 
Tel: 93-18-36 
Azerbaijan State Museum of Art (R.Mustafaev)
31, Istiglaliyat st., 370001 
Tel: 92-57-89, 92-51-17 
Museum-Apartment of Azim Azimzade (artist)
157 Dilara Aliyeva St., 370014 
Tel: 94-05-69 
Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan Literature
53 Istiglaliyyat St., 370001
Tel: 92-18-64, 92-74-03
Museum-Apartment of Abdulla Shaig (writer)
21 Abdulla Shaig St., 370006 
Tel: 92-74-33 
State Museum of the History of Religion 
15 Uzeyir Hajibeyov St., 370000 
Tel: 93-07-08 
Museum of the History of Medicine
18 Najafgulu Rafiyev St., 370025 
Tel: 66-00-48, 66-01-97 
Museum of Carpet-Making and Folk Crafts
123a Neftchilar Av., 370000 
Tel: 93-05-01, 93-66-85 
Museum of Natural History (Hassanbey Zardabi)
3 Lermontov St., 370006 
Tel: 92-06-67 
Museum of Theatre (Jafar Jabarly)
44 Hamid Sultanov St., 370073 
Tel: 38-43-50 
Museum of Education
11 Niyazi St., 370001 
Tel: 92-04-53 
Museum of Musical Culture of Azerbaijan
9 Mejidov St., 370601 
Tel: 92-53-06 
Memorial Museum of Nariman Narimanov (statesman)
35 Istiglaliyyat St., 370001 
Tel: 95-05-15 
Museum of Independence
123a Neftchilar Av., 370000 
Tel: 93-92-93, 93-30-17 
Memorial Museum of Mammad Said Ordubady (writer
19 Khagani St., 370000 
Memorial Museum of Hussein Javid (writer)
8 Istiglaliyyat St., 370001 
House-Museum of Uzeyir Hajibeyov (composer)
67/69 Shamil Azizbekov St., 370009 
Tel:95-30-61, 95-25-34 
House-Museum of Samad Vurgun (poet) 
4 Teymur Aliyarbeyov St., 370000 
House-Museum of Jafar Mammadguluzade (writer)
6 Suleiman Taghizade St., 370001 
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