Exclaves and Enclaves of Azerbaijan
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Azerbaijan - Armenia - exclaves - enclaves - location mapStalin loved to play with the internal borders of the Soviet Union. This created endless abnormalities that made the separation of the republics a nightmare. An endless list of minuscule enclaves and exclaves subsists in the countries that were once part of the Soviet Union.

Until the Karabakh war Azerbaijan was no exception, but having in mind the main Karabakh issue these smaller territories have been almost forgotten.

Azerbaijan: Karki occupied exclaves, near Sadarak - mapExclaves:

There are five Azerbaijani exclaves in Armenia. Three of them are villages and the surrounding territories. The two remaining exclaves are tiny unnamed pieces of farmland. All these territories are currently under Armenian control.

Azerbaijan: Yukhari Askipara and Barkhudali - occupied exclaves, near Qazax


There is a single Armenian village, Artzvashen (Bashkend for the Azeris) located inside Azerbaijan (40° 38' 46 N, 45° 30' 56 E). The territory is  inside Gadabay rayon (which administers it), on the border with Tovuz rayon. The territory's size is about 50 sq km and it used to be administered by the Armenian province of Gegharkunik. The area is rich in mining resources, including gold. The Armenian population has been replaced with Azeri settlers.
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