Hotels in Nakhchivan City

Nakhchivan city, Azerbaijan: city seen from a roof toop - minaret, mausoleum of Momine Khatun, Aras river and Iranian mountains in the distance - photo by K.JafarliBeing an important trade centre, with manifold connections to Iran and Turkey, Nakhichevan city is after Baku the most cosmopolitan city in Azerbaijan, and this is reflected also in the availability of accommodation.

Most visitors are Turkish or Iranian with low budgets, so although you'll find good accommodation don't expect the luxury of some places in Baku.
Hotel Grand Nakhchivan ***
1, N. Aliev Street
Nakhchivan city
Tel: (994136) 4-59-30, 4-59-32

Hotel Sahin
Nizami st.
Nakhchivan city 373630

Hotel Tabriz
Azadliq av. (near the old baths)
Nakhchivan city 373630
Tel. 255-56760
Fax 255-56760

Hotel Tehran
Nakhchivan city 373630

Hotel Togrud
4km south-east of the centre
Nakhchivan city 373630

Hotel Ukraina
Jalil Mamedguluzade av.
(2km south-east of the centre)
Nakhchivan city 373630
Tel. 255-55383
Fax. 255-55383

Hotel Xayal
Budget but still with private facilities
Nakhchivan city

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