Hotels in Sheki - Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan - Sheki: innor court of the Caravansarai  - Hotel Yukhary - Karavansaray / mehmanxana - photo by N.MahmudovaHotel Yukhary - Karavansaray
(the upper caravansarai)
Upper old town. Rather atmospheric place: a genuine caravansaray recently refurbished. Conference room, restaurant, gift shops, çay xana.
Tel. (994-277) 44814
Fax (994-277) 44814
Sheki / Shaki - Azerbaijan: gate of the caravansaray hotel - photo by N.MahmudovaSheki
40 rooms, 3 suites

Hotel Sabukhi
City centre

Markhal Resort
outside town,
4km north of Sheki (near Kish)
Tel. (994-277) 42767

Naran Qala Istrahat Zonasi (Narin Qala Cottage Complex)
road to Kish, north of Gelersen Goresen Fortress
tel + 994 177-45300. 
20 different 1-4 room cottages. 

Panorama Inn 
tel: 050-622-9027
5 bedrooms
good views of the city

Shail Pansinot
tel: 055-370-8560
west side of the new bazaar
dismal place

Sheki / Shaki - Azerbaijan: Sheki Saray Hotel - five star accommodation - photo by N.MahmudovaSheki Saray Hotel (Sheki Palace Hotel) *****
M.E.Rasulzade Street
tel: (994)177-48181;
fax: (994)177-47099; 
It has amenities rare outside of Baku. There is a conference room on the first floor, a bar and a restaurant. They accept credit cards and speak English.

Sheki Hotel 
M.A.Rasulzade street, in the town centre, above the Capital Bank (tallest building in Sheki)
cafe and a restaurant 
tel: 050-318-3125 fax: 994 0177 42-488; 

Sheki Olympic Complex (Sheki Idman Kompleksi)
tel: 0177-5-12-63 
fax: 0177-5-11-55.
The facility has a conference room for 50 people, a dining room, and small cottages in which guests can stay.

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