Qazimammad (Gazi-Mammad, Ghazi Magomed, Haji Kabul)
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Qazimammad (Gazi-Mammad, Ghazi Magomed, Haji Kabul) - Azerbaijan - location mapQazimammad started has a group of army barracks and today is still a modest town, known mainly as a  junction on the main road to Ganca and the capital of Haciqabul rayon. It's only relevant sight is the grand train station, built in moorish style and a remnant of a great plan to have a railway till Mecca.

Some low hills east of the town break the monotony of the landscape. There are bus services to Baku, Alat, Ali Bayramly and other surrounding towns.

East of Qazimammad you'll find Pirxana, known for its ancient caravanserai, including also the 13th century mausoleum of Sheikh Hussein and an old cemetery. South of Qazimammad, off the main road going south to Salyan, you'll find the larger town of Ali Bayramly, an anonymous residential area important only for its pipelines.

(100 km south-west of Baku)
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