Education in Azerbaijan
When the Soviet Union crumbled, Azerbaijan, like other former Soviet republics, was forced to end its reliance upon the uniform, centralized system of social supports that had been administered from Moscow. In the 1990s, however, Azerbaijan did not have the resources to make large-scale changes in the delivery of educational, health, or welfare services, so the basic Soviet-era structures remained in place.

In the pre-Soviet period, Azeri education included intensive Islamic religious training that commenced in early childhood. Beginning at roughly age five and sometimes continuing until age twenty, children attended madrasahs, education institutions affiliated with mosques. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, madrasahs were established as separate education institutions in major cities, but the religious component of education remained significant. In 1865 the first technical high school and the first women's high school were opened in Baku. In the late nineteenth century, secular elementary schools for Azeri began to appear (schools for ethnic Russians had been established earlier), but institutions of higher education and the use of the Azeri language in secondary schools were forbidden in Transcaucasia throughout the tsarist period. The majority of ethnic Azeri children received no education in this period, and the Azeri literacy rate remained very low, especially among women. Few women were allowed to attend school.

In the Soviet era, literacy and average education levels rose dramatically from their very low starting point, despite two changes in the standard alphabet, from Arabic to Roman in the 1920s and from Roman to Cyrillic in the 1930s. According to Soviet data, 100 percent of males and females (ages nine to forty-nine) were literate in 1970.

During the Soviet period, the Azeri education system was based on the standard model imposed by Moscow, which featured state control of all education institutions and heavy doses of Marxist-Leninist ideology at all levels. Since independence, the Azeri system has undergone little structural change. Initial alterations have included the reestablishment of religious education (banned during the Soviet period) and curriculum changes that have reemphasized the use of the Azeri language and have eliminated ideological content. Education at all levels is supported by the state and the country as had obligatory eight-year education since 1959. In addition to elementary schools, the education institutions include thousands of preschools, general secondary schools, and vocational schools, including specialized secondary schools and technical schools. Education through the eighth grade is compulsory. At the end of the Soviet period, about 18 percent of instruction was in Russian, but the use of Russian began a steady decline beginning in 1988.

Azerbaijan has numerous institutions of higher education. Because Azeri culture has always included great respect for secular learning, the country traditionally has been an education center for the Muslim peoples of the former Soviet Union. For that reason and because of the role of the oil industry in Azerbaijan's economy, a relatively high percentage of Azeris have obtained some form of higher education, most notably in scientific and technical subjects. Several vocational institutes train technicians for the oil industry and other primary industries.
The most significant institutions of higher education are the University of Azerbaijan in Baku, the Institute of Petroleum and Chemistry, the Polytechnic Institute, the Pedagogical Institute, the Mirza Fath Ali Akhundzade Pedagogical Institute for Languages, the Azerbaijan Medical Institute, and the Uzeir Hajibeyli Conservatory. Much scientific research, which during the Soviet period dealt mainly with enhancing oil production and refining, is carried out by the Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences, which was established in 1945. The University of Azerbaijan, established in 1919, includes more than a dozen departments, ranging from physics to Oriental studies, and has the largest library in Azerbaijan. The student population numbers more than 11,000, and the faculty over 600. The Institute of Petroleum and Chemistry, established in 1920, has more than 15,000 students and a faculty of about 1,000. The institute trains engineers and scientists in the petrochemical industry, geology, and related areas.  
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Universities & Colleges

Azerbaijan - Baku: Baku State University - Baki Dovlat Universiteti - photo by Miguel Torres / Travel-Images.comIn keeping with Soviet practice, Azerbaijan has a very strong academic tradition, with reputable institutions in several fields of science. In all areas, but particularly in oil related fields, you find graduates of Baku  universities all over the world, as during Soviet times foreign students came to Baku in great numbers.

Besides oil, Azeri scientists also made notable contributions to the Soviet space programme, particularly in instrumentation. After independence research and teaching were affected to some extent by lack of funding and by the emigration of qualified personnel. A number of private universities has sprouted in the recent years.
ASIA Baku University
4 Hazim Hajiyev st.
Tel: 662519
Fax: 906370

Azerbaijan Academy of Music - Uzeyir Hajibeyov
98 Shamsi Badalbeyli st.
Baku 370014
Tel: 932248, 932114

Azerbaijan Civil Engineering University
5 Ayna Sultanova St., 
Baku 370073
Tel: 390725
Fax: 987836

Azerbaijan Co-operative Institute
8 B Nariman Narimanov av.
Tel: 628517
Fax: 628346

Azerbaijan International University
179 Mir-Jalal st., 7th Micro-district
Tel: 616950

Azerbaijan Medical University - Nariman Narimanov
23 Bakihanov st., Baku
Baku 370022
Tel: 953566
Fax: 953870

Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute for Russian Language and Literature - Mirza Fatali Akhundov
25 Seid Rustam st.
Baku 370001
Tel: 966487
Fax: 961579

Azerbaijan State Art College
16 Bul Bul av.

Azerbaijan State Culture and Arts University - Alibey Husseinzadeh
20 Yusif Mammadaliyev st.
Baku 370005
Tel: 9311101
Fax: 830852

Azerbaijan State Economics University
6 Istiglaliyat st.
Baku 370001
Tel: 925940

Azerbaijan State Institute of Foreign Languages
60 Rashid Bahbudov st. 370055
Tel: 963505

Azerbaijan State Institute of Physical Culture
98 Fatali Khan Khoysky av.
Tel: 640905

Azerbaijan State Marine Academy
18 Azerbaijan av.
Tel: 937521

Azerbaijan State Musical College
8 Mardanov Gardashlary

Azerbaijan State Oil Academy
20 Azadlig av., 
Baku 370601
Tel: 934557
Fax: 984308

Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University - Nasreddin Tusi
34 Uzeyir Hajibeyov st.
Baku 370000
Tel: 930032, 934287
Fax: 930032

Azerbaijan Technical University
25 Huseein Javid av.
Baku 370073
Tel: 383343 / 83
Fax: 383280

Azerbaijan University
84 Mirali Gashgay st.
Tel: 401631
Fax: 937773

Baku Institute of Management
78 Suleiman Taghyzadeh st.
Baku 370001
Tel: 925342

Baku Institute of Social Management and Politology
74 Lermontov st.
Baku 370001
Tel: 926619
Fax: 929188

Baku Institute of Trade and Commerce
194 Murtuz Mukhtarov st.
Tel: 953070

Baku International School
Naftchi Sports Base, 128 - Azadlyg av.
Tel: 906352
Fax: 906351

Baku International University
94 Zardabi av.
Tel: 312911

Baku Islamic University
7 Mirza Fatali st.
Tel: 928223

Baku Military College  - Hasi Aslanov
Baku 370128
Tel: 388546

Baku Navy College
Baku 370153
Tel: 728140

Baku State University - Mammadamin Rasulzade
23 Khalilov st.
Baku 370073
Tel: 390535
Fax: 380592

Caucasus University
(Kafkas Üniversitesi)
103 Nariman Narimanov av.
Baku 370100
Tel: 387246
Fax: 981487

Columbus University USA in Azerbaijan
(Distance Education)
Shamsi Badalbeili Str., 82, Baku
Tel: 940804, 954228

Ganja State Agricultural Institute
262 Sofulu st.
Ganja 374700
Tel: (261) 60353
Fax: (261) 61064

Higher College of Diplomacy
135 Inglab st.
Tel: 906843

Higher Pedagogical Seminary for Females
50 Murtuz Mukhtarov st.
Tel: 953002

International College of Business and Diplomacy
74 Lermontov st.
Baku 370001
Tel: 926515

International Institute for Contracts and Business
5 Buniad Sardanov st.
Tel: 750963
Fax: 668896

Khazar University
(Hazar Üniversitesi)
11 Meskheti, Baku
Baku 370096
Tel: 217927
Fax: 989379

Medical School
15 Ataturk st.
Nakhchivan city 373630
Tel: (255) 42878
Fax: (255) 42878

Medical School
Block 10,
Sumgait 373200
Tel: (264) 51995
Fax: (264) 51995

Medical School - Gurbanov
14 Ismet Gaibov st.
Ganja 374700
Tel: (261) 61326
Fax: (261) 60739

Nakhchivan State University
University sheherjiyi
Nakhchivan city 373630
Tel: (255) 52366
Fax: (255) 53929

Nakhchivan University
99 Mardanov Gardashlari st.
Tel: 949495
Fax: 959329

National Aviation School
Bina Settlement, Airport
Tel: 243803

Odlar Yurdu University
135 Inglab st.
Tel: 906704
Fax: 906705

Police Academy
3 Almaz Ildym st.
Tel: 543469

Shimal University
76 A. Navoy st.

State University of Dagestan - Baku Branch
28/26 Pishevarli st. 3rd Micro-district
Tel: 31102
Fax: 301909

State University of Dneproetrovsk - Baku Branch
100 Tabriz st.
Tel: 675255
Fax: 672832

Tefaccur University
19 Tabriz st.
Tel: 980858
Fax: 906167

Western University
27 Istiglaliyat st.
Tel: 927418
Fax: 926701

Yuzhdagh International University - Yaragi
44 Agha Neymatulla st.
Tel: 664454

Science & Technology
Baku: Academy of Sciences (Ismailia palace) - (c) / Travel-Images.comThe Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences is the main research institution, co-ordinating the activities of research centres, including institutes of cybernetics, physics, theoretical problems of chemical technology, petrochemical processes and genetics.
Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences
10 Istiglaliyat st.
Baku, 370001
Tel: 92 35 29
Fax: 92 56 99

Azercelstroy- Normative Research Station
7 S. Rustam
Tel: 404 300

Baku Scientific and Training Centre
11, Idayat zadeh  370154
Tel: 663 881/665 109
Fax: 664 389

Cosmic Instruments Development
Block 553 F. Agayev
Tel: 395 937

EMIR Academy Institutes

Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Institute
29, H.Javid Prosp.,
370143 Baku

Geological Institute of Azerbaijan

Laboratory of Mining an Metalurgy Production
146 Sharifzadeh
Tel: 324 358

Mineral Resources Special Reserch Bureau
31 Azizbayov av
Tel: 399143

Ministry of Education
Government House, Baku
Tel. 937266
Fax 984207

Research Institute of Medical Prophylaxis
35 Jaffar Jabbarly st.
Baku 370065
Tel: 947345
Fax: 947572

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