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John Wreford - Professional Profile

London born editorial photographer John Wreford quit life in the UK to launch a freelance career in the Middle East, moving to the Syrian capital Damascus in 2003 just as the American led invasion of Iraq was underway.

His work has mirrored the emergence of Syria onto the world stage covering the influx of Iraqi refugees, the crisis with Lebanon after the assassination of Rafic Hariri, the high profile visits of former US president Jimmy Carter and congresswomen Nancy Pelosi, the effect of the drought on Syrian farmers and more recently as Syria has seen a dramatic increase in tourism the transformation of the Old City of Damascus.

Frequently travelling between Istanbul, Damascus, Amman, Erbil, Beirut and Cairo for clients such as The New York Times, CNN Traveller Magazine, The United Nations, The European Investment Bank, The Financial Times, The LA Times, Chicago Tribune, The Delegation of the European Union, The National, De Zeit and Liberation among many others.

John Wreford
Po Box 6651 
Damascus Syria
Tel 00963 944 361 947

Damascus: crescent and star design (photographer: John Wreford)
Damascus: St Mary's church (photographer: John Wreford)
Beirut: Mediterranean sunset II (photo by J.Wreford)
Turkey - Istanbul / Constantinople / IST: Christian icon inside the Aya Sofya - Christ (photo by J.Wreford)
Egypt - Alexandria: the library - Bibliotheca Alexandrina - from the pond - design by Snohetta (photo by John Wreford)
Egypt - Alexandria:  Abu Abbas al Mursi mosque - domes and minarets (photo by John Wreford)
Egypt - Alexandria: fort Qaitbey - eastern harbour - at sunset (photo by John Wreford)
Lebanon / Liban - Baalbek / Baalbak / Heliopolis: Temple of Jupiter - wide-angle view - Unesco world heritage site (photo by J.Wreford)
photographer John Wreford
John Wreford 

Images by John Wreford 

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