Michel Bergsma - Professional travel junkie

Michel Bergsma. Born April 15, 1970 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Resident of Den Haag since september 2005.

Started his photography hobby in the late eighties. But in the early seventies, during the holidays with his parents in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the former Republic of Yugoslavia and Italy he already became a young travel junkie. Since then he traveled a lot with friends and has been visiting countries all over the five continents. 

In 1999 he uploaded some images on the world wide web and soon he noticed that a lot of people liked his pictures. Since February 2004 he publishes his images at Early 2007 he started, together with Stefan Zegers, his own global stock photography website:

Michel Bergsma is a freelance photographer and available for photo assignments worldwide.

'Don't take life too seriously' (Global Underground)

Budapest: tram at the Vigado / Vigadó tér (photo by M.Bergsma)
Java - Jakarta: old Dutch bridge (photo by M.Bergsma)
Dublin: foot bridge  (photo by M.Bergsma)
Bolivia - Copacabana - Lake Titicaca (La Paz province): lakeside (photo by Michel Bergsma)
Prague: girl power - statues on Wenceslas Square (photo by M.Bergsma)
Gibraltar: the cable car (photo by M.Bergsma)
Berlin: inspiration for Europe - the Victory Column / Siegessäule (photo by M.Bergsma)
Samos: fishing boats (photo by M.Bergsma)
Cuzco: old lady (photo by M.Bergsma)
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photographer Michel Bergsma driving a taxi in Bombay / Mumbai
Michel Bergsma driving a taxi in Bombay / Mumbai

Images by Michel Bergsma 

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