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 Roderick Eime - Professional Profile

Roderick Eime has worked in professional media for over twenty years.

His most recent activities as a high profile photojournalist in the fields of motoring, motorsport, travel, transport and the Internet see his work regularly published both here and overseas in a wide variety of print media ranging from large metropolitan dailies and national glossies, through to smaller club, corporate and community newsletters.

Major corporations, including Ford Motor Company, Castrol, Shell and NRMA regularly call on his work for advertising, editorial and PR purposes.

In 1993 and 1994, he redesigned and conducted the Photojournalism course at Charles Sturt University - Mitchell, introducing digital technology to the subject. His work in the field of Information Technology has resulted in a heightened awareness of the Internet and he is often asked to consult on clients' I.T. projects ranging from web design and implementation to content management.

Rod holds Canon and Kodak professional credentials as well MEAA, IFJ, ASTW and ACMP membership. His motorsport work has gained him FIA recognition as well as CAMS national accreditation, the highest available to Australian photographers.

In 1998 Rod completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Journalism through The University of Queensland's Department of Journalism on the Internet, achieving a Distinction.

Read Rod's travel stories at:

Madagascar - Malgasy young woman in traditional headscarf (photo by Rod Eime)
Moai (Ilha da Pascoa, Isla de Pascua) : sunset - Unesco world heritage site - photo by Roe Eime)
Ecuadorian Amazonia: insect / insecto (photo by Rod Eime)
South Georgia Island / Georgia del Sur - Stromness: collapsing structures (photo by Rod Eime)
New Caledonia / Nouvelle Calédonie - Nouméa: windsurfing - Tjibaou Cultural Centre - seen across Magenta bay (photo by R.Eime)
Falkland islands / Ilhas Malvinas - Stanley, formerly Port Stanley / PSY (East Falkland / Isla Soledad):  Christ Church Cathedral with whale bone arch - the southernmost Anglican church - photo by Rod Eime


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photographer Roderick Eime - Port Lockroy, British Antarctic Territory
Rod Eime at work in Port Lockroy, British Antarctic Territory

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