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Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic / exclave - Azerbaijan - location mapThe Republic of Aras (Azerbaijani: Araz Respublikasi; also known as the Republic of Araks or the Araxi Republic) was a short-lived and unrecognized state in the South Caucasus, roughly corresponding with the territory that is now the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan.

Named after the Aras River, the republic was declared in December 1918 by Jafar Kuli Khan Nakhchivanski with support from the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic's ruling party, the Musavat Party and the Young Turk government of the Ottoman Empire.

Aras river - Nakichevan - Iran border - GFDLIts existence ended when troops from the Democratic Republic of Armenia succeeded in taking control of the region in mid-June 1919 during the Aras War.  Its creation was in protest to a border proposal by Sir John Oliver Wardrop, British Chief Commissioner in the South Caucasus that would assign the area to Armenia.

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