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Azerbaijan - Altyaghach National Park, Xizi rayon: forest and watch tower - Altyaghaj - Altiagac - photo by N.MahmudovaThere are over 4000 plant species in Azerbaijan, including 240 indigenous varieties. Due the unique climate in Azerbaijan, the flora is much richer in the number of species than the flora of the other republics of the South Caucasus.

Oaks (Quercus castaneifolia), hornbeam, beech, ash and maple forests cover the lower slopes of the mountain ranges, orange groves carpet the southern coastal lowlands and mulberry trees abound in the north.

Azerbaijan - Lahic / Lahuj (Ismailly Rayon): hills and woods (photo by Rashad Khalilov)Relict genera of the tertiary period can be frequently found in all the zones of Azerbaijan, especially in Lenkeran. They are the iron tree (Parrotia persica), the Lenkoran acacia (Albizzia julibrissin), the basket oak (Quercus castaneifolia), the Caucasian persimmon (Diospyrus lotus), the evergreen shrub of Ruscus hyrcana, the box tree (Buxus hyrcana), etc

State Reserves of Azerbaijan

    * Goy-Gol State Reserve
    * Gyzylaghadj State Reserve
    * Zagatala State Reserve
    * Turyanchay State Reserve
    * Pirgulu State Reserve
    * Azerbaijan - Salyan rayon: Shirvan National Reserve / Shirvan Nature Reserve / Shirvan National Park / Sirvan dövlat qorugu - Goitered Gazelle, aka Jeyran - Jeiran - Gazella subgutturosa at the entrance (photo by F.MacLachlan)Shirvan State Reserve
    * Besitchay State Reserve
    * Qarayazy State Reserve
    * Ismayilly State Reserve
    * Qaragol State Reserve
    * Ilisu State Reserve
    * Shahbuz State Reserve
    * Eldar pine-tree State Reserve

Azerbaijan - Altyaghach National Park, Xizi rayon: forest and watch tower - Altyaghaj - Altiagac - photo by N.MahmudovaNational Parks of Azerbaijan

    * Ordubad National Park
    * Shirvan National Park
    * Ag-Gol National Park
    * Hirkan National Park
    * Altyaghach National Park
    * Absheron National Park

State Game Reserves of Azerbaijan
Major Caucasus:
    * State Game Reserve of Shaki
    * State Game Reserve of Qusar
    * State Game Reserve of Qabala
    * State Game Reserve of Ismailly
    * State Game Reserve of Qakh

Minor Caucasus:
    * State Game Reserve of Qubadly
    * State Game Reserve of Lachyn
    * State Game Reserve of Dashalty
    * State Game Reserve of Qyzyldja
    * State Game Reserve of Arazboyu

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