National Symbols of Azerbaijan

Music by Useir Hajibeyov
Words by Ahmed Javad
Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!
You are the country of heroes!
We will die so that you might be alive!
We will shed our blood to defend you!
Long live your three coloured banner!
Thousands of people sacrificed their lives
You're become the field of battles.
Every soldier fighting for you,
Has become a hero.
We pray for your prosperity,
We make sacrifice our lives to you
Our sincere love to you,
Comes from the bottom of our hearts.
To defend your honour,
To hoist your banner,
All the young people are ready.
Glorious motherland,
Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!

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flag of AzerbaijanThe flag of the Azerbaijan Republic consists of three horizontal stripes. Top to bottom: blue, red and green. There is a white crescent and an eightpointed star (Rub El Hizb) in the middle of the red stripe on both sides of the Flag. The proportion of the width to the length is 1 by 2. 

The flag in use is the same as that used by the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic from 1918 until it was occupied by the Soviets in 1920. The eightpointed star stands for the eight Turkic peoples; light blue is a traditional colour of these peoples; green is for Islam; red is for modernization and progress.


coat of arms - Azerbaijan - Azeri gerb - emblemThe coat of arms of Azerbaijan incorporates the same symbols and colours as the flag, but here acting merely as a frame for the ancient symbol of the land: fire. 
The flames in the center resemble the world "Allah" in Arabic.

In Soviet style, the bottom of the coat of arms displays a stalk of wheat on the right side and an oak branch on the left.


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