Azerbaijan's Soviet Symbols - AzSSR
coat of arms of the Azerbaijan SSR (1937-1991) Flag of the Azerbaijan SSR (1952-1991)
coat of arms of the Azerbaijan SSR (ASSR)
The coat of arms includes an oil rig representing the republic's petroleum industry and in the background a sunrise, stands for the Azerbaijan's auspicious future. The hammer and sickle are prominently featured above it while the red star (symbolizing "socialism on all five continents") sits at the top of the emblem, for the victory of communism and the "world-wide socialist community of states". The outer rim features agricultural symbols: wheat and cotton. The banner below the star reads "Proletarians of all countries, unite!" in both  Russian and Azerbaijani.
Flag of Soviet Azerbaijan (ASSR) - scarlet field and golden hammer and sickle, blue bandThe flag of the ASSR was similar to that of USSR, with a scarlet field and golden hammer and sickle, but including an horizontal blue band on the bottom fourth. A previous version of the flag (1940 - 1952) was all scarlet and included "AzSSR" in Cyrillic below the hammer and sickle. This in turn replaced a similar flag where "AzSSR" was written in Latin characters (1937 - 1940).
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