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The World Heritage Committee has inscribed the following properties on the World Heritage List:
Easter island / Ilha da Pascoa / Isla de Pascua - Tonguriki: ahu - line of statues -  In the background (to the East) is the extinct volcanic peak of Puakatiri - Unesco world heritage site (photo by Roe Eime) 1995 Rapa Nui National Park (Easter Island)
Castro, Chiloé island, Los Lagos Region, Chile: twin church steeples of San Francisco de Castro church built in 1906 – colourful wooden church by architect Eduardo Provasoli - Unesco world heritage site - Iglesia Apóstol Santiago - photo by C.Lovell 2000 Churches of Chiloé
Valparaíso, Chile: lamppost and historic fisherman's house - Calfulafquen Bar Restaurant - photo by C.Lovell 2003 Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Valparaiso
2005 Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works
2006 Sewell Mining Town

The World Heritage List was established under terms of The Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage adopted in November 1972 at the 17th General Conference of UNESCO.

The Convention states that a World Heritage Committee "will establish, keep up-to-date and publish" a World Heritage List of cultural and natural properties, submitted by the States Parties and considered to be of outstanding universal value.

One of the main responsibilities of this Committee is to provide technical co-operation under the World Heritage Fund for the safeguarding of World Heritage properties to States Parties whose resources are insufficient.

States Parties can request international assistance under the Fund for the preparation of tentative lists and nomination forms, expert missions, training of specialized staff, and supply of equipment when appropriate; they can also apply for long-term loans and, in special cases, non-repayable grants. Requests must concern work necessary for the preservation of cultural or natural sites included in the World Heritage List or assistance to national or regional training centres.

Emergency assistance is also available under the Fund in the case of properties severely damaged by specific natural or man-made disasters or threatened with imminent destruction.

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